How you can help.


Your donation moves us closer to completing the film

We are currently running a crowd funding campaign through GoFundMe to cover the costs of completing the film; sound design and mixing, music licensing, archival photos and footage, and maintenance of this website. 

You can donate via GoFundMe here:

If you would rather send a check please make it out to Love Light and Courage LLC and mail to:

Montaj 9
c/o Love Light & Courage LLC
707 Richards, Suite 500
Honolulu, HI 96813

If you have any archival photos, film or music you would be willing to share for use in this film, please contact us.

Thank you, your donation of any amount or kind is greatly appreciated! 

**All monetary donations recieved after expenses will be given to Bernard to aid in his tours of the camps and Krakow ghetto.